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William D King: What are some best practices for implementing an effective email strategy?

William D King

Implementing an effective email strategy is all about being relevant. If you are sending emails to people who have never visited your site, you need to make sure that the content of your email matches the expectations of both parties. William D King says Sending someone an email promoting a product they have no interest in wastes their time and yours.

An email strategy is critical if your website generates revenue through online transactions or if you want to increase engagement with customers, clients, and contributors. There are many different types of emails that businesses send out which may include newsletters, welcome messages, transactional emails (receipts), promotional emails (sale reminders), account update reminders, etc. However, the most important email that should be sent out immediately after someone subscribes is the welcome message.

Welcome Message:

The welcome message is like a warm handshake that welcomes the new subscriber to their community and provides them with the next steps on how they can get started (i.e., provide login information). William D King says the purpose of this message is to make sure that the subscriber’s experience was positive, trust your brand, and most importantly make them feel like they are a part of something special.

It is important to track which emails generate the most traffic and revenue for your business with analytics software such as Google Analytics. This will allow you to send out more emails that your recipients want (and will engage with) vs. general promotional blasts that might not be relevant to them or they may unsubscribe from altogether.

Best Practices:

The following includes best practices when creating an email strategy:

1. Send Relevant Emails –

 Write content that is both useful and engaging so subscribers can learn about their community and continue coming back for more information.

2. Personalize Your Messages –

Since people open based on whom they know, it is important to add a personal touch in your email with the person’s name says, William D King. However, this does not just include the welcome message. You should also customize newsletters and promotional emails so subscribers know you are sending them something they might be interested in.

3. Use Social Media –

It is important to use social media to build a subscriber list so you can effectively communicate through email. This will ensure that your messages get in front of the right audience and they feel like they are part of a community that cares about their experiences.

4. Make it Mobile Friendly –

Mobile devices make sure that all links open directly into an app rather than redirecting them to a mobile-friendly website because they may lose interest if it takes too long for content to load.

5. Track, Test, and Iterate –

It is important to track which emails are being least effective so you can test different content in order to increase open rates and click-through. Once you have identified what subscribers enjoy receiving from your business, keep doing it!

Here are some FAQs recently asked by our user:

How often should I be sending out emails with information about my product/service/event?

As a rule, do not send more than one email per month in order. To avoid being flagged as spam says, William D King. If you have important updates or industry-related news that you think your subscribers will benefit from. Then go ahead and send it every once in a while! However, if you are sending newsletters on a regular basis. Without anything new to add to the conversation, they will unsubscribe.

How many times per day are too much when trying to capture leads?

Do not send more than two emails per day because inbox providers won’t let them through.

I want to use HubSpot but my company is based in the Middle East. Can I sign up for HubSpot?

Unfortunately, our service is only available in English at this time. If you are based in Dubai and would like to use HubSpot, please get in touch via email

How can I track reports when using Gmail?

You can add a “+” before the “@” symbol when sending an email from your personal address when setting up Google Analytics so it doesn’t add additional contacts, such as “+company-name@gmail.com”. This will allow you to see which emails generate more traffic and revenue for your business. This way you can increase sales by sending more relevant emails!  


In conclusion, it is important to send out relevant emails. So subscribers feel like they are part of a community and have a personal touch in your messages. It is also vital to track which email generates the most traffic. And revenue for your business with Google Analytics in order to achieve more sales. HubSpot does not support Middle East companies at this time. But if you’d like to sign up, get in touch via email.