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William D King: How to Finance Your Business

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As per William D King norms it costs a significant amount of money to start a business, especially as a self-owner. There are startup costs such as for office space, inventory, equipment, and website development.

These costs depend largely on the type of business, which might require either a small investment or a large one. Either way, it helps to be aware of all possible ways of funding your business to arrive at a particular solution.

But firstly, you need to determine how much funding you need to start things off, and that depends on your vision and current financial situation.

Learning how to finance your business is one of the earliest steps you’ll take, and it is an important financial choice that could impact the business structure you opt for and how you run it.

This blog details some methods of financing your business.


Self-funding, or bootstrapping, allows you to use your financial resources to bankroll your business. You can even reach out to family and friends to get funding, use your savings account or take funds from your retirement savings.

Self-funding has the advantage of having full control over the business but comes with the risk of being completely liable for everything according to William D King.

A tip to keep in mind is not to overspend and buy too many things upfront – this could add unnecessary expenses. Plus, if there are any penalties or expensive fees to pay, you might end up bankrupt.

Hire a financial advisor or get an expert opinion from one.

Venture Capital

A smart way to get funding is to reach out to investors. If successful, they can provide you with venture capital investments.

This comes with a certain condition: they’re offered an ownership share and an influential role in the company.

Venture capital differs slightly from conventional financing options. It is usually received by high-growth companies that pay back equity and not debt. Venture capitalists take bigger risks in exchange for higher returns.

At a minimum, you must be prepared to offer up a seat on the board of directors and sacrifice some level of ownership and control to get funding.

William D King states that there are certain ways you can go about acquiring venture capital. The first one is to find an investor. Search for solo investors or approach venture capital firms. Have enough research done beforehand to check the investor’s reputation and any prior experience they might have with startup companies.

Be prepared with a solid presentation of your business plan. To be eligible for investment, your plan must meet investing criteria which focuses on the type of industry, location, or stage of development.

Decide on the terms so that everything is clearly defined and official.

Business Loan

Finally, it may be suitable for you to get a business loan if you don’t want to share ownership and have limited funds to start yourself.

Some things to consider when applying for a loan are having a business plan and expense sheet ready and the financial forecast for the next several years.

Final Thoughts

William D King says that it is crucial to do some research before deciding which option works best to finance your own business.