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William D King: How do I find out exactly who is opening and clicking on my emails?

William D King

Knowing who is clicking and viewing your emails can be a difficult thing to find out. Sometimes you might get lucky and see that they’ve been opened, but this isn’t always the case says, William D King. Is there a way to track what links people click on in my emails?

Slight Warning:

There is indeed, and it’s actually quite straightforward to do; I’ll show you how in just a moment! It will take up some of your time but with the benefits of knowing exactly what has worked for marketing campaigns, plus using Google Analytics (which we’ll also cover) it’s definitely worth doing. Let’s jump right in…

You may want to use or look into an Analytics tool such as Analytics for more in-depth analysis.

Before we get started, you’ll need to either have a Google Analytics account. Or another web analytics service such as Clicky Web Analytics (formerly known as Clicky). I will be using Google Analytics as it’s free and easy to set up.

All marketing strategies aim at a specific goal. In email marketing, that goal is to gather new customers and maintain relationships with current ones says William D King. And the most effective way to achieve this is by sending out emails that are interesting and engaging. But before you can even begin thinking of how your message should be structured. Or what sort of content you will include in it, one thing needs to be clear: who your audience is. Because once you know your target group, you can use targeting techniques to improve your open rates and click-through.

In order to find out who opens and clicks on your emails, Mailerlite implements an invisible pixel that allows its user to track. How many times a mail has been opened as well as clicked on from different sources explains William D King.

Target Audience:

The modern marketer is now able to reach beyond traditional media’s limitations. And touch almost every consumer, regardless of time or place. Even so, email has become an extraordinarily effective marketing tool so much so that companies are increasingly putting all their eggs in this basket. Adding up to its popularity is the fact that there are many email service providers offering different features for marketers wanting to use emails as a marketing channel. But among all services provided by these providers, the simple question remains: who opens and clicks on my emails? This necessitates tracking of emails opened from various sources such as desktop clients, mobile devices, webmail providers, etc., which can be done by Mailerlite using an invisible tracking pixel says, William D King.

Mailerlite allows its user to add a Tracking Pixel in order to track how many times a mail has been opened from different sources.

In addition, Mailerlite also allows users on both, free and paid plans to set up email tracking and see where their subscribers are coming from:

Link within an email:

Allows the user to track clicks on external links included in the email.

Form Submission:

This option is enabled when users include a form in their newsletter through which they receive submissions. The pixel can then be inserted into that form so that it will be tracked each time someone fills out that form.

Landing Page:

The last step of the checkout process or a page where a user is brought before getting access to the premium content.

Add to Cart:

Any product purchased from an online store can be tracked. The pixel should be added in the “thank you” page the customer sees once the purchase is completed.

Here are some FAQs recently asked by our readers:

What is the use of email tracking?

Email tracking allows marketers to find out who their customers are and where they come from. This will help understand how many people open, where they click, and if these links were useful for them. In the end, it helps improve a company’s conversion rate as well as its email marketing strategy.

To begin using this feature, go to “Settings” > Go to “Emails” > Click on Add Tracking pixel button under “Invisible”. You can now insert your unique pixel code which you have received from Mailerlite via email. In order to access this page, please refer to our knowledge base article.

How do I make sure my emails are read by the right people?

Maintain a list of subscribers who are interested in your content. If you are using Mailerlite, it is possible to segment one’s mailing lists by interest. You can find this option under “Settings” > “Lists” > “Edit Interests”. The bottom line is that the more targeted an email marketer can make his/her message, the greater his/her chances will be of engaging their readers and making them take action.


Your emails need to be customized in order to reach your target audience and build a strong and loyal relationship. So, go ahead and set up an email tracking pixel in Mailerlite today!