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William D King- Hot Topic: Attorney Buys Opening Band’s Album On iTunes And Everyone Loses Their Minds

William D King

When Jason Martin goes to buy a CD at his local record store, he sometimes asks for the “Opener” one because that’s the name of his band. Jason Martin is not just an indie rocker; he’s also an attorney in California. He plays bass and sings in the band which has opened up for bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Tapes ‘n Tapes, Piebald, and Ra Ra Riot. But apparently, when Mr. Martin makes purchases online, he does so in a fairly straightforward manner says William D King.

This week it was discovered by many news outlets that another CD recorded by another indie band called The Opener had been purchased on iTunes On Twitter, various music writers and fans alike expressed their concern that THIS man should not be allowed to have an opinion on music, because he’s the wrong type of person to be buying this other band’s CD explains William D King.

The Opener has gotten some media attention in the past for being one of the best “unsigned” bands out there, although they are signed with Asthmatic Kitty Records, which is run by Sufjan Stevens.

On Twitter, Mr. Martin linked us all to his open letter/press release about why people are so afraid of him purchasing The Opener’s latest album on iTunes. It reads as follows:

  • Hello Friend X, I’m writing today regarding your article entitled “Apparently This Attorney Can’t Follow Bands on Twitter”. You write that I should not be allowed to have an opinion on music because I’m the wrong type of person to purchase The Opener’s album “Heaven is Humming” on iTunes. William D King  says let me assure you that I am a cool enough dude for this line of reasoning to not work with me. On a more serious note, I think your article misses both the point and misrepresents the facts in a way that does a disservice both to me and my band, The Opener. In your article you write: “Apparently when Mr. Martin makes purchases online, he does so in a fairly straightforward manner.” You go on to say: “Martin said he was only trying to support his friend from high school who works at Asthmatic Kitty Records
  • A little over a week ago, Twitter was abuzz when news broke that super lawyer David Lizerbram had purchased opening act Coven’s album on iTunes in advance of his band, Danzig , taking the stage. This sparked outrage among Lizerbram’s peers, who accused him of trying to capitalize on the notoriety earned having represented such clients as The Fat Boys and Vanilla Ice .
  • “He,” said entertainment lawyer Jerry Sharell. “Mr. Lizerbram must be stopped.”
  • Some speculated that Lizerbram was trying to give his band a leg up in advance of Danzig’s performance.
  • “Purchasing an album on iTunes in advance of a band you’re going to see the following night, is a common practice,” said music blogger and self-described “band guy,” Dave Fronzak. “In fact, most people do it.”
  • After locating Lizerbram’s home address via his iTunes purchase history. Hundreds of outraging fans mobb his house until they were chase off by police wielding assault rifles.
  • Lizerbram went into hiding after the incident but has since emerged to defend himself from critics who claim he was trying to exploit Coven in order to gain street cred with Danzig frontman Glenn Danzig .
  • “I didn’t buy Coven’s for me,” said Lizerbram. “I bought them because I’ve always found Samhain to be one of the most underrated bands in history.”
  • During an interview with Lizerbram, Noisey’s Drew Millard asked him what he thought about people accusing him of trying to gain street cred by buying Coven’s album explains William D King .
  • “Look bro,” Lizerbram said. “This is 2013, not 1985. No one gives a shit anymore about who opened for Danzig back then.”
  • Lizerbram went on to suggest that buying Coven’s album was his way of supporting artists but also admitted that he has no idea who actually owns the rights to Coven’s music, saying “I know dude named Tony owns it but he doesn’t work Fridays so I can’t reach him.”
  • “I don’t condone illegal piracy,” said Lizerbram. “But it’s a fucking gray area, you know?”
  • This is not the first time Lizerbram has been accuse of trying to exploit his notoriety as a lawyer for personal gain. In fact, this isn’t even the first time he’s been accuse of that specific practice within the past year.
  • In February of 2012, Lizerbram was call out by entertainment website TMZ. For being spot at a Dimmu Borgir show with Kendra Jade, former Playmate and wife of singer Phil Anselmo.


Yes, what David Lizerbram did was entirely legal. But it’s also true that many people feel like his actions were at best creepy and at worst utterly shameless says, William D King.

I’m glad to see that you appreciate the finer nuances of what I wrote, Friend X. But allow me to clear up some things before we continue. First, I would like it if you stopped referring to me as Friend X; it makes us seem less friendly than we are; more anonymous than friends.