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William D King: Email Marketing Services – How do I decide which service is right for me?

William D King

Email marketing services are becoming increasingly popular as companies look to promote their business or brand says, William D King. There are many different email marketing services available, but few customers understand what they offer and how the service works.

This article looks to make things a little clearer.

When deciding which email marketing services is right for you, there are 5 key areas that need to be considered:

1) Budget/Price –

There are many different options available when it comes to budget and price. Some email marketing services offer packages from as low as £5 per month, while others charge tens of thousands of pounds each year explains William D King. A good starting point would be to determine what your budget would be for this type of service and see if any companies can offer an acceptable package at this price. If you have a larger budget than the average business, consider asking about unlimited packages and self-managed accounts with no set monthly fee. You may need an experienced email marketer on hand to assist with this.

2) How much data do you need? –

Email marketing services vary in the number of subscribers they will allow you to have. If you require up to 500,000 subscribers then many email marketing services can accommodate this. It is important that your chosen service will be able to grow with your company though, therefore consider what level of growth you would like the account to support.

3) Do you want a self-managed account or complete package? –

There are two ways for clients to run their own email marketing campaign through an email marketing service; either having full or partial control over certain aspects of their email sending. William D King when considering which one best suits your business, think about how much time you can dedicate towards running and maintaining your campaign.

4) Do you want to use an email template, or write your own HTML emails? –

Different email marketing services offer different options. Some will allow you to upload and use a pre-made template within the system (very useful if you don’t know how to create HTML coded emails); while others will ask that you provide them with information on what type of templates they need and then create these for you. William D King says, for those wishing to learn simple HTML coding, this is a great option as it can be used across any email marketing service of choice. If however, your time is very limited then it may be worth considering using pre-made templates instead.

5) Do I require tracking statistics? –

Many companies now wish to track how their email marketing campaigns are performing. Different email marketing services offer different levels of tracking statistics, so it is important you know what you require before selecting a service. Some useful data can include open rates and a number of clicks per day on the emails sent out, while more advanced tools may also track customer behavior such as what they clicked on within an email and where they were when reading it (i.e. home or work).

Here are some FAQs recently asked by one of our customers:

What email marketing service is best?

The choice of which email marketing service to go with will depend on your business. For example, for larger businesses, you may want to look at companies such as Blue Mail Media that offer self-managed accounts and unlimited data inflow. William D King says If however, you are struggling financially then it might be worth considering a company such as Get Response that charge a set monthly fee rather than charging by the number of emails sent out. Finally, if you would like something in between these two options then there are also companies such as contact and Mail Chimp who offer both unlimited and set fee accounts depending on what package you choose.

How much does an email marketing service cost?

The costs will depend on the account type you wish to have. For example, some companies offer free email marketing services while others charge set monthly fees. It is worth researching each company to ensure you know exactly what the price includes and how it works.

What are the main benefits of using an email marketing service?

Email marketing is beneficial for any business that wants to increase sales figures or brand awareness. By sending out targeted messages at relevant times, businesses can ensure they stand out from their competitors. By ensuring customers are able to easily find them online when required. Also, emails require less time commitment than social media sites. Such as Facebook or Twitter, many small business owners find. They can keep in regular contact with their customers without too much effort involved.


The article has successfully made clear the different areas that need considering. Deciding which email marketing service is right for your business. By taking these points into consideration you will be able to easily determine. Which email marketing service is right for you and your company.