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Challenges Faced By Work From Home Business As Per William D King

As the CoronaVirus pandemic encapsulated the world, everything became uncertain and chaotic. Business owners drafted plans to shift to a mobile means of communication, and “Work from home” started being the new trend.

The employees got busy adjusting themselves to this online module. With this movement, many people faced many problems when it came to working from home. Instead of focusing on strict dress codes and consistent working hours, businesses focused more on efficiency.

If you opt for a work-from-home routine, your employees might face several hurdles. William D King suggests some challenges that the employees might face when working from home.

The Inability To Adjust To Work From Home – William D King

Many people consider their home a safe haven where they are free from public dealings and can not be disturbed by office work. The invasion of work at home throws them off, and they take time adjusting to the work-from-home routine.

Many skilled employees can be seen lacking in performance at home as they cannot adjust well at home. Due to this, they may be facing difficulties in their work.

The Mountain Of Distractions At Home May Keep Them Occupied – William D King

If you have a team that is very efficient and organized, you may think that it would be easier for them to work from home. It is highly possible that they might be affected by the pending chores waiting for them at home.

The sink flooded with dirty dishes may be calling out to them, or the laundry hamper stacked with a dirty pile of clothes may be asking to get washed. This can cause your one-hour break to expand into a three-hour cleaning session.

This can result in inefficiency in work. Hence you can request your employees to find a quiet corner in the house or lock the door so that they are not disturbed until and unless there is some case emergency. 


Problems in Communication – William D King

While you may face problems holding physical meetings – gathering everyone around, getting their undivided attention, and having them participate is still a more accessible option when done in person.

When working from home, it can become a problem to get everyone aligned on the same page. Some might be facing a poor internet connection, while others might be running around to find their headphones to hear clearly.

As per William D King, it might become a hassle to have meetings, but you can use proper communication channels like Zoom and Slack, etc to be in proper coordination.


While the work from the home module can be quite a challenge, people are also showcasing a rise in performance. With the adjustments made accordingly, the people are adapting to this module.

William D King recommends that coordination during this time is of utmost importance. It would help if you made sure that the message is communicated clearly between the employees so that there is no room for misunderstandings. Be vocal and keep in touch to increase efficiency.