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William D King : 6 Common Obstacles keeping you from full-time Entrepreneurship

Person going through some problem in entrepreneurship

Are you willing to take a  break from your career and be a successful entrepreneur, or are you already on its path? There are many challenges faced by entrepreneurs when they are just getting started.

Whatever it is, read the list of obstacles states by William D King that can intervene ( or are already present) during your journey to entrepreneurship.

1. Abandoning your Career

Abandoning your career to give your full-time is a huge step. Nurturing your business can be really hard to manage with your career. It needs dedication and time to build your business. If you really want or business to achieve significant success, you need to focus all your efforts on it.

2. Finding Customers

Finding your customers and clients is the biggest obstacle that most people face while starting a business. Even if you are a huge business giant like Apple or Toyota, you don’t just for your customers to walk in. You need to work – every single day, to get customers.

Finding customers is one of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs when they are building their business.

3. Increasing the Awareness of Your Brand

In accordance to William D King letting people know that your brand exists – is a tricky thing to do. Building your brand awareness is a vital step in succeeding. Spreading brand awareness means building a loyal audience and generating sales through them. The customers need to trust your brand, but they can’t do that till you have raised brand awareness.

All the big names like McDonald’s, iPhone etc. started from scratch. They raised brand awareness to reach the point that they are standing on now.

Increasing brand awareness is a problem in entrepreneurship that you have to go through at each and every point.

4.Financial Issues

If you are starting from scratch, financing will be a huge issue. An experienced entrepreneur may have some stacks of revenue that they could take help from, but it is tough to manage finances as a newbie.

Please plan and strategize at least three years’ worth of finances before getting into it. You can’t get into it and realize that you can’t fund it entirely.

5. Hiring a Talented Staff

A considerable obstacle when building a business is getting the perfect people for each role. Choosing an efficient team is the basis of a successful business. You will have many positions that will need to be filled. Hiring people may seem stressful, especially when you are on a tight budget.

6. Making Important Decisions

While making decisions may seem like the least difficult obstacle, it is still a challenge. You have to make massive decisions of great importance, decisions that will determine the future and growth of your business. From tiny answers to decisions with huge impacts, you have to make them all.


When you are an entrepreneur, you are concerned with getting everything right. These are some obstacles that most entrepreneurs face. You will learn lots of things practically when you get into it.

Be prepared and be innovative. Put your fears aside and make intelligent decisions says

William D King.