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Person going through some problem in entrepreneurship

William D King : 6 Common Obstacles keeping you from full-time Entrepreneurship

Are you willing to take a  break from your career and be a successful entrepreneur, or are you already on its path? There are many challenges faced by entrepreneurs when they are just getting started. Whatever it is, read the list of obstacles states by William D King that can intervene ( or are already present) during your journey to entrepreneurship. 1. Abandoning your Career Abandoning your career to give your full-time is a huge step. Nurturing your business can be really hard to manage with your career. It needs dedication and time to build your business. If you really want or business to achieve significant success, you need to focus all your efforts on it. 2. Finding Customers Finding your customers and clients is the biggest obstacle that most people face while starting a business. Even if you are a huge business giant like Apple or Toyota, you don’t just for your customers to walk in. You need to work – every single day, to get customers. Finding customers is one of the challenges… Read More »William D King : 6 Common Obstacles keeping you from full-time Entrepreneurship

William D King : How to Deal with a Finicky Client

William D King: How to Finance Your Business

As per William D King norms it costs a significant amount of money to start a business, especially as a self-owner. There are startup costs such as for office space, inventory, equipment, and website development. These costs depend largely on the type of business, which might require either a small investment or a large one. Either way, it helps to be aware of all possible ways of funding your business to arrive at a particular solution. But firstly, you need to determine how much funding you need to start things off, and that depends on your vision and current financial situation. Learning how to finance your business is one of the earliest steps you’ll take, and it is an important financial choice that could impact the business structure you opt for and how you run it. This blog details some methods of financing your business. Self-Funding Self-funding, or bootstrapping, allows you to use your financial resources to bankroll your business. You can even reach out to family and friends to get funding, use your savings… Read More »William D King: How to Finance Your Business

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5 Incentive Programs by William D King to Build Loyalty in Employees

According to William D King , Companies and businesses try very hard to earn their employee’s loyalty and trust. Incentives are a good way to build loyalty in your employees. Before telling you about 5 Incentive Programs to help build loyal employees in your company, let’s first learn what incentives are. What are incentive programs? Incentive programs are designed to engage and retain your most talented employees. They are rewards for the employees who have been making positive strides in the workplace. Incentives can come in many monetary and non-monetary forms. Choose an incentive program that best matches and suits your company values and your employees. Recognition and rewards A point-based reward system can let your best-performing employees redeem points for things of their choosing. You could offer a lot of stuff like gift cards, plane tickets, merchandise, maybe a few extra days off, and lots more. This will make your employees work harder to achieve the points needed to win something they might want from your incentive program. Make sure you offer a wide… Read More »5 Incentive Programs by William D King to Build Loyalty in Employees

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William D King: How Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Business

Outsourcing is when a third party is hired to carry out certain activities and tasks, which could be handled internally says William D King. Many of the largest organizations in the world employ this tactic to boost productivity and accelerate growth There is a choice to either increase the number of employees and open new departments, which could take away time running the main activity, or work with another company that takes over some of the responsibilities. Without further ado, let us look at some of the benefits outsourcing can have for your business. Rapid Growth According to William D King outsourcing is a great strategy to help progress your business through various stages of development. Business owners need to be rational and practical to ensure a smooth running of daily operations to improve service creation and production time. Outsourcing is the best available option to optimize expenses and divide tasks that require a certain level of expertise, which may be easily delegated to another specialty company. Having a large staff can add expenses because… Read More »William D King: How Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Business

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William D King- How to Know When You is Intellectual Property Has Been Infringed Upon

Let’s say you have a great idea. You’ve been toiling away in your basement or garage for months, maybe years, and finally, believe that you have something special on your hands says William D King. Now what? Your first inclination may be to rush the product to market so it can start making you money! However, before going through all of the time and expense necessary to get the product up and running, it is important to verify that someone else has not already come up with a similar idea. Why do this? Because if somebody else already had the same idea as you, then bringing your product to market would infringe upon their intellectual property rights (which could lead to costly litigation). Fortunately, there are five relatively simple steps one can take in order to determine whether or not your idea has been previously patented. Step 1: Identify the type of intellectual property you are attempting to protect In order to best understand how to protect an idea from infringing upon somebody else’s intellectual… Read More »William D King- How to Know When You is Intellectual Property Has Been Infringed Upon

William D King : 5 incentive Program to build relation in your employee

William D King explains How to know if you’re Business Partner is breaking the Law

When you are considering entering into a business relationship with another party, it is critical to understand what red flags might upend your agreement. This article addresses the issue of doing business with someone who is breaking the law…specifically, whether or not your potential business partner’s (or clients’) criminal record will prevent you from transacting with him says William D King. The short answer is that there are several different considerations involved in answering this question; however, it probably will not be an issue if the person has only committed one crime that does not relate to your particular industry or line of work. Further, the circumstances surrounding the crime committed may also determine whether or not you can continue to do business together after learning of your business partner’s criminal history. Consulting an attorney is recommended before entering into any new relationship with someone who has a criminal record. If you need assistance finding an attorney, the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Service may be able to help… click here to find more… Read More »William D King explains How to know if you’re Business Partner is breaking the Law

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William D King explains How to Know If an Employee Is Justified in Quitting

Last week, we covered an article about how to tell if you were the problem at your job says William D King. That left us with another question- what do you do when it’s time to quit? There are a lot of reasons someone might feel the need to jump ship, but not all of them are reasonable excuses. Figuring out whether you should stay or go can be a tough call, but here is some tell-tale signs that it’s time to quit. 1. You don’t feel valued by your boss or co-workers Chances are, if you’ve been given the cold shoulder at work for months on end, you don’t feel like an important part of the team. If you feel like your co-workers are constantly talking about you behind your back, or if your boss doesn’t seem to acknowledge you when you walk in the room, it’s time to make a change. No matter how valuable you are, if nobody can see it, your efforts will eventually be wasted at that company. 2. You’re… Read More »William D King explains How to Know If an Employee Is Justified in Quitting

William D King- How to be a Successful Lawyer

In the last decade, only a handful of law students have been successful in passing the bar says, William D King. The ones that did were able to succeed after applying some key points. Just recently, I’ve read an article published by a fellow classmate from our alma mater about being a successful lawyer and what it takes to get there. During our time in the university, we were taught to think critically about what role law plays in our society. If you are reading this now, it’s probably because you want to join that elite group of successful lawyers. This article aims to give you an overview of what you need to know if you decide to be one. The first step is figuring out what it takes for one to be a successful lawyer. If you want to know the answer, you might want to ask those who have succeeded before. Patience and Resiliency Being a successful attorney requires both patience and resiliency. You need to resist procrastination if you want stability in… Read More »William D King- How to be a Successful Lawyer

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William D King explains How to Avoid Accidentally Disclosing Confidential Information

How to Avoid Accidentally Disclosing Confidential Information to a Lawyer I read a lot of legal documents during the course of my job, and I have to say that there’s nothing more annoying than reading a deposition transcript where I can’t follow what someone is talking about because their lawyer keeps asking them questions like “What did you do next?” or “Did you speak with anyone at ABC Corp. after that meeting?” From the perspective of the person being deposed, it almost feels as if their personal attorney is interrogating her says, William D King. Here’s why… In most states (including New York), lawyers are prohibited from disclosing confidential client information to third parties without prior consent from their clients. In fact, the Model Rules go even further by making it an ethical violation for counsel to use or disclose confidential information when they know or should know that the person communicating with them cannot be legally compelled to divulge the same information. The general rule is this: just because someone has retained a lawyer,… Read More »William D King explains How to Avoid Accidentally Disclosing Confidential Information

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William D King- How Much Time Do I Need to Give Notice Before Quitting My Job?

Virtually every state requires an employee to give notice of quitting a job, although the required time will vary from state to state says, William D King. If you work under an employment contract for a definite term without a provision specifying the length of your service or if your employer gave you nonextendable short-term contracts, any notice period is not binding on either party and either party can terminate it at any time. But in most states, employees must meet certain requirements before quitting their jobs. In New Jersey, for example, an employee who quits after giving less than one month’s notice must provide “compelling reasons” for quitting early. An employee who fails to abide by these rules does not qualify for unemployment compensation benefits upon separation from his job. An employer, for its part, can require an employee to give notice of quitting a job. Some employers will even have a contract that specifies the number of days or weeks’ notice an employee must give before quitting a job. If you work under… Read More »William D King- How Much Time Do I Need to Give Notice Before Quitting My Job?