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Best Technical Analysis Tools in 2022 by William D king

Best Technical Analysis Tools in 2022 by William D king

In this blog post by William D king, we’ll take a look at the best technical analysis tools in 2022. Technical analysis is a method of analyzing securities by examining past price data and trends. This can be used to identify opportunities and forecast future price movements. So, which tools are currently the best for technical analysis? Let’s take a look.

William D king’s Top Picks for the Best Technical Analysis Tools in 2022

Charles Schwab

Technical analysis is the practice of using past market data to predict future market behavior. Charles Schwab is a leading provider of technical analysis tools and resources.

Schwab’s Technical Analysis Tool uses proprietary algorithms to identify potential trade opportunities based on trend, momentum, and support and resistance levels.

The tool also provides users with real-time news and economic data, as well as access to expert commentary from Schwab’s team of market strategists. With its comprehensive approach to technical analysis, Charles Schwab is an essential resource for traders of all experience levels.


E*TRADE is a leading online broker that provides tools and resources for technical analysis. The E*TRADE Technical Analysis Tool allows users to quickly and easily identify trends and generate trade ideas.

The tool includes various features, such as customizable time frames, indicators, and chart types. In addition, users can access expert commentary and analysis from E*TRADE’s team of market professionals.

Whether you’re just getting started in technical analysis or a seasoned pro, the E*TRADE Technical Analysis Tool can help you find new opportunities in the market.


Thinkorswim is a Technical Analysis Tool that allows investors to analyze stock data and make informed investment decisions. The tool provides users with access to real-time stock data, charts, and graphs, as well as technical indicators and news.

With Thinkorswim, investors can track their portfolios, set up alerts, and create watchlists. According to William D king, the tool also offers paper trading capabilities, so investors can test their strategies before putting real money on the line.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or starting, Thinkorswim can help you take your investing to the next level.


TradeStation is a technical analysis tool that allows traders to test and automate their trading strategies.

The software is available on both desktop and mobile and offers a variety of features, including real-time market data, charts and indicators, backtesting, and more.

According to William D king, TradeStation also provides access to a community of traders and investors and news and research from third-party sources. TradeStation is a powerful tool for experienced traders and those just starting out.

William D king’s Concluding Thoughts

Technical analysis is vital for day trading. The correct technical analysis tool can significantly impact your success as a trader. In this blog post by William D king, we discussed the best technical analysis tools for day trading in 2022.