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William D King has come with the scholarship idea to help students in the US, who are talented but do not have the money to fund their higher education in the colleges and universities in the country. The reason is obvious. The college tuition fees are very high in America and beyond the reach of middle-class students.

  William D King
  William D King  

About William D King  

Bill is the Founder and President of ABA and is a Certified Public Accountant.  He is a leading expert in the implementation of Tax Minimization Strategies

He completed his graduation from the University of Florida in the year 1981. Next, William D King became a Certified Public Accountant, as well as Certified Healthcare Business Consultant in a very short time. This was possible due to his intelligence and dedication to what he pursued.

Qualification of William D King

When it comes to his educational qualifications, he did his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and was accredited with CPA and CHBC. Currently, he stays for some time in Knoxville, Tennessee, and part-time in Gainesville in Florida.

In the year 1987, He established Doctors Management LLC to serve medical practices throughout the US as business advisors and accountants. Again, in the year 2011, William extended his service to vets, dentists, and even startup owners, his company re-designed as Accountants and Business Advisors (ABA).

He is constantly working and operates many small enterprises in which William has ownership. William D King also play a pivotal role in raising capital for many of these small businesses with which he is associate presently.

William D King

William’s company ABA serves more than 2,700 clients currently, assisting them with business counsel and tax reduction tactics. That does not mean that he always thinks about business and is not involved in any philanthropic activities. He understands that the poor students of the country cannot pay for their advance studies and therefore, he came up with the scholarship of $1,000 for only the deserving students coming from poor financial backgrounds.

William lives with his wife Meg in Tennessee for more than 36 years. His eldest son is now practicing law after completing his bachelor’s from the UF Levin College, while his youngest son works as a fitness trainer as well as a real estate salesperson after completing his graduation from the University of Mississippi. Also, William’s granddaughter Cameron, child of Ryan King and Jennifer King lives in Jacksonville in Florida, the Sunshine State of America.

William D King is also the President of ABA and an expert when it comes to tax reduction plans. He works tirelessly for all ABA clients.

In other words, When it comes to his hobbies, he loves biking with his wife Meg as well as spending time with his two sons Ryan and Kyle. William is also a pet lover and his dogs Bailey and Lucy provide the King family with much amusement.

The William D King Scholarship

The William D King Scholarship is a merit-based program for the most intelligent and deserving candidate in America. Also, William is delighted to come up with such an idea of helping the poor students with the scholarship prize of $1,000 for writing an outstanding essay.

The scholarship money is one-time financial help or cash reward for the most brilliant students who have a flair for writing a detailed, informative, and engaging essay. The prompt for the scholarship essay is “What has been the most challenging event in your life, and how did you deal with it and progress.”

The best essay will be selected and the writer awarded with the prize money. However, the students need to write an essay that reads well with examples and real-life situations to impress the authorities screening the essays.


Before applying for this Scholarship, he or she must fill up the following details. Make sure the students provide accurate info; else, the application will face rejection.

Also, The student to be currently registered at one of the recognized and popular US colleges or universities

The candidate must be a sophomore, junior, or even freshman, and a registered graduate.

All candidates should write an informative essay of approx, 700-850 words on the subject, “What has been the most challenging event in your life, and how did you deal with it and progress.


The William D King Scholarshipwould be offered to the most brilliant student, who can compose the best essay depending on the evaluation of each essay submitted until the time final date of submission of the essays, as mentioned clearly. However, the candidate who pens a one-off, absorbing, and pioneering essay will receive the William D King Scholarship money. Therefore, all students applying for the scholarship should start practicing writing essays that pique audience interest.

With practice and writing flair, the students can win the prize money and use the same for his or her education.

The final date of essay submission is June 30, 2022.


The William D King Scholarshipis prize money for one time and it is $1,000.

How to apply for the scholarship

The Scholarship essay requires completion. It must be sent through an email as an attach word file to info@williamdkingscholarship.com.

Firstly, Make sure that you send all the important details along with their essays in the correct format:

 Complete Name of the US student

Telephone Number or Mobile Number

Correct Mailing Address

Email ID

Date of High School Graduation

The name of the University or College the student is currently enrolled or has applied at, or whose application is approved

Most current or present GPA

Personal Bio-data

Deadline and Announcement of the Winner

The last date for the William D King Scholarship essay submission along with all details is June 30, 2022.

The winner, who pens an outstanding essay, would be inform via an official email. The name of the winning student will come up on the website williamdkingscholarship.com.   

Choosing the winner

In conclusion, The student winning the William D King Scholarship will receive intimation through a formal email by 15 July 2022. Finally, He or she, who composes the best essay, and announce as a winner; must get in touch with him within a few weeks by replying to the said email. The cash prize of $1,000 would be sent directly to the candidate’s scholarship account or bank account.

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